To healthy applause, the President of the United States, Joseph R. Biden, opened his SOTU address pushing Russia conspiracies, something the Democratic Party started doing since the 2016 election that saw a racist game-show host, a veritable outlier, elected as the 45th President of the United States. They’re still at it with the support of their pliant minions and stenographers in the mainstream press and the radio talk-show circuit.

Why did Donald Trump win?

Quick answer: Hillary Clinton was a horrible candidate!

She had noting to offer if she won, only insult and innuendo for her political opponent, game-show host. No public option health care (Medicare for all, for example), no meaningful minimum wage plan, no real public housing support, no prescription drug price regulation, nothing, just insults, invective and innuendo.

It would never occur to the rank and file Democrat that this narrative, that the Democratic leadership, the US Government and their stenographers and apologists in the Main Stream Media and just about any “Progressive” Talk Show have pushed since the days of JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis, has been a well-engineered disinformation campaign, designed to keep the electorate from knowing the truth.

Donald Trump’s win of the 2016 US Presidential Election had nothing to do with Russia or the Russian President. It had everything to do with the candidate the Democratic Party leadership decided to run against Trump. The thinking was that Donald Trump was such a racist (he is) and such a bad actor (he is), that no one would vote for him and they could run anyone against him and that candidate would win.

That person was Hillary Rodham Clinton, a horrible human being and a horrible candidate. Many have forgotten her checkered past, but not all, including this author (the Vince Foster Suicide Scandal and “We Came, We Saw, he died”, referencing the assassination of Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi while she was Barack Obama’s Secretary of State, as examples). They mistakenly thought that Donald Trump was so bad that even Hillary, with her scandal-laden trail of tears following her, wouldn’t matter.

It did, she lost, and they blamed Russia.

They blamed Russia and its president for their destruction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. They continue to blame Russia for just about everything wrong here, in this country, in this hemisphere and around the globe.

Now JRB, during his SOTU address, right out of the gate, started the saber-rattling. He immediately went to guns, screaming mostly, all bluster, just like the paper tiger he is. We’re going to teach Putin a lesson, he said, that he can’t invade a sovereign country without consequences. This remark is parroted by many in the talk-show circuit. I listen to them on a daily basis, mostly for the entertainment value. Occasionally, they do have something useful to say but mostly, they’re just parroting the Democratic Party’s playbook.

Their claim is that he, Vladimir Putin, is going to steamroll all of Europe, that he’s on a campaign of conquest and his targets are the countries of Europe. NATO has to be on the ready, so they say.

First of all, Russia has a parliament, the State DUMA, a congress, if you will, where they decide to take the country into battle and for what reason. Putin isn’t a sovereign king that wakes up one day and decides to “invade a sovereign country”. The State DUMA demanded he (Putin) intervene and put a stop to the Ethnic Cleansing occurring in Ukraine’s Eastern flank, the “Donbass”. You see, since 2014 to this day, they’ve waged an ethnic cleansing campaign against the ethnic Russians, Russians living there and those who speak in or identify as Russian in the Donbass.

What happened in 2014?

The US Regime Change operators went into high gear with the now former (and disgraced) US Under Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, overseeing a violent coup in Ukraine, playing a pivotal role in the overthrow of the country’s democratically-elected and Russian-friendly president Viktor Yanukovych. Many of these same Democrats who were in power and in control then under Barack Obama, such as the 46th President of the United States, Joseph R. Biden as Obama’s Vice President, have amnesia when it comes to this – or are lying on purpose. It really doesn’t matter to them what the truth is, just as long as we get to build as many military bases as we want in Eastern Europe, bilk them (Ukraine) out of their natural resources, steal their assets while, at the same time, infuriate the Russians into an all out military conflagration.

The Democratic Party and most of congress and US Leadership is either criminally negligent, incompetent or lying on purpose. In any case, they’re not listening to him (Putin). He isn’t interested in any of that. He isn’t interested in any more territory (Russia spans 12 time zones, out of 24 – it has -literally- half the land mass of the planet). He just wants to keep what he has and they want to take it away (look up “Operation Unthinkable”, a plan hatched at the close of WW-II by them UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill and the UK’s war planners, to “Balkanize Russia”: the name is quite descriptive and anyone who has read this post up to this point, should take the time to look it up).

The Russian leadership, the Kremlin and the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, have no intention of invading Estonia, Lithuania or any other European country. Ask yourself, how many military bases does Russia have on our northern or southern border, in Canada or Mexico? Zero. How many do we have on or near their border? Answer: a lot! Putin has been quite clear: “I have no interest in invading Europe or in an offensive aggression unless you strike in our territory first”. That was a paraphrase but you get the point. How do I know this? I live here and search for the truth – it’s easy to find really, all you have to do is look for it. Whatever they (the MSM, the Government, Social Media and the Tech giants) hide or try to censor, look there and you will find it.

NATO and the western leadership have been lying to the American people and to the Russians since before the fall of the Soviet Union. James Baker III, then Secretary of State, lied to then Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev that we (the US and the west) wouldn’t move “one inch to the east” following the fall of the Berlin Wall. That’s all they’ve done since. They now feign incredulity, that they (the Russians) actually remember the lies told to them by the US Leadership and are following through with their warning that any further move to the east would be a “Red Line” for them.

Sixty years ago, during April 1963, the US Air Force took steps to implement the final stage of the secret US-Soviet deal that helped resolve the Cuban Missile Crisis with the dismantling of the Jupiter missiles deployed on the Soviet border with Turkey and in Italy.

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, to his eternal credit, narrowly avoided a nuclear confrontation with the Soviets in the run-up to the US Naval blockade of the Caribbean Island nation. The installation of nuclear-capable missiles in Cuba by the soviets was a direct result of similar US actions in Italy and Turkey.

Why do I mention the Cuban Missile Crisis here? For starters, I was around back then and remember the whole thing and don’t want them editing history. The Soviets were responding in kind to egregious military provocations by the US and the West. They reacted appropriately, as any responsible government would.

As they always do and are doing now, Joe Biden and the Democrats are blaming Russia for just about everything. You see, something is only legitimate to them if the actions of a given government comport with the “Rules Based Order” or if said government is a US puppet regime, installed through a successful regime-change operation. The following related story is a case in point.

A Related Story

In a related story, the US State Department is calling “Illegitimate” the Russian Presidential Election results from Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson are not “legitimate”. “Let’s be clear”, says Matthew Miller, paraphrasing, “the US will never recognize the results from the ‘sham election’ results from these regions”. He claims that these regions, including Crimea, are sovereign Ukrainian territory and can’t be claimed in the Russian Presidential election. And no one pushes back on this nonsense?

The putrefied US Undersecretary of State who recently resigned, Victoria Nuland, a former member of this very agency Mr. Miller speaks for, was the principal regime change operator who oversaw the destruction of Ukrainian democracy in 2014. Democracy has ceased to exist in that country from that time until the present day. Why doesn’t anyone push back on this and thus, cure him of his amnesia? If this wasn’t so outrageous, it would be funny.

He disregards actual history. By including Crimea in his narrative, he forgets the history on purpose, that the residents of Crimea voted through a popular referendum, to rejoin the Russian federation, as did the residents of Donetsk and Lugansk,.



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