The principal objective of Russia’s military operation is not territorial gain but to stop the ethnic cleansing and ongoing genocide in the Donbass region of ethnic Russians and Russian citizens by Nazis

Thursday, February 24 2022, the world woke up to Russian military operations in Ukraine and with few exceptions, most of the world was aghast and horrified – they were aghast and horrified for five reasons:

  1. The western, corporate mainstream media has been deliberately silent on what’s been happening in the region since 2014 – and even longer
  2. Widespread ignorance of Russian history outside of the false narratives and propaganda most people in the west have been subjected to since early childhood or the late 1940s, whichever came first
  3. Just how appalling and untenable the situation had become in the Donbass region of Ukraine that Russian President Putin had to take decisive action to protect and defend ethnic Russians and Russian citizens living in the region and to halt the genocide that had been taking place there since the successful US Coup in 2014 that ousted the democratically elected president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych.
  4. The failure of the west (NATO and the US) to keep their promise not to expand eastward after the reunification of Germany in 1989 (fall of the Berlin Wall) and the ultimate demise of the Soviet Union in 1991. Western leaders promised then Russian President Boris Yeltsin that “NATO would not expand one inch east” following these events. Even after Russian President Putin warned them that Ukraine was a red line and any attempt to install a vassal-client state in the country would result in swift and decisive action by Russia; they ignored him and we have the situation now as it unfolds.
  5. This is the fifth and last reason and it, perhaps, is the most telling. Yes, some were truly surprised and horrified out of invincible ignorance (they were simply unaware of the history that has led to this point), some were willfully ignorant, they chose not to know the root causes, for some the cognitive dissonance was extreme and unbearable, for some it conflicted with their propagandized world view of Russia, the east and an incomplete and jaundiced understanding of history but for others – and this reason pertains mostly to corrupt western leaders and regimes who own the lion’s share of the guilt, President Putin’s actions have now destroyed their corrupt long-term plans for Ukraine and the region. The corruption and outside influence in the Zelensky (currently, the sitting president of Ukraine) government is so deep that Washington gets to decide what criminal cases are prosecuted, who sits on his cabinet and who sits on the country’s supreme court. And then there’s the matter of nuclear weapons technology already in Ukraine. All they need are the centrifuges [to enrich Uranium] and they’d be another nuclear-armed power, another such state but with the distinction of being on Russia’s southern border.


The long history of Ukraine and how we got here is very well documented here by renowned filmmaker Oliver Stone, “Ukraine on Fire“. US and most western European countries are mired in corrupt schemes to leverage the region’s oil and gas reserves using Ukraine as a staging ground – the recently completed NordStream 2 pipeline and the ensuing debacle between Russia, Germany and the US with the coercive manipulation by the Biden Administration to (temporarily) scuttle that project is a good example.

Breathtaking Hypocrisy

The level of hypocrisy and stench of corruption emanating from Washington and all major western capitals is breathtaking. Where was the same level of global outrage from these same capitals with the recent Israeli siege of Palestinian territories and the ongoing genocide in that region? Where was the global outrage when NATO, under the direction of Barack Obama’s State Department in the person of Hillary Clinton assassinated Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 and transformed his country, Libya, from an African country with the highest standard of living on the continent to a failed state with open slave markets.

What happened to these European states who were largely overrun and conquered by Hitler and his Third Reich? Is 80 years that long ago that they’ve forgotten? The price paid to stop Hitler’s march across Europe and the globe was largely paid by the Russians with the death of 27 million, both soldiers and civilians. Where is that same world, that same Europe now, a world that turns a blind-eye to the extermination and genocide of Russians by Nazis in Ukraine’s Donbass region – these Russians, descendants of those same 27 million who made the ultimate sacrifice stopping the same Nazi scorpions in the 1940s, where is their gratitude for Russia’s sacrifice now? They impose sanctions on Russia(!), they feign outrage, they cry crocodile tears out of willful ignorance and indifference, they’d rather continue to sip their lattes in Starbucks than to confront the stark reality that they now live in a Neoliberal world where the values that compelled the world to take up arms against Hitler are now gone – each for themselves for their selfish enrichment; the life they now live flourishes and thrives -indeed was created from the ashes of those who died before them, those who sacrificed so they could live and live better. History will not remember these people kindly.

Where was this same global outrage when the US imposed deep, illegal, coercive sanctions on Venezuela, sanctions that would never have the desired effect on the country’s leaders only the suffering and death of ordinary citizens; over 40,000 ordinary Venezuelans have died since 2017 as a result of those sanctions. What was Venezuela’s offense? They refused to privatize their oil reserves and sell them to US multi-national oil interests. Again, I ask, where is the global outrage?

And more closely related to this story, where was the global outrage against the 8-year genocide and ethnic cleansing of ethnic Russians and Russian citizens in the Donbass region; since installed by the US in 2014, the outcome of a successful coup, Zelensky has waged a campaign of extermination against the region, targeting the Russians and anyone who speaks the Russian language.

The principal objective of Russia’s military operation is not territorial gain but to stop the ethnic cleansing and ongoing genocide in the Donbass region of ethnic Russians and Russian citizens  by Nazis, a pogrom that began with the successful 2014 coup in Ukraine orchestrated by the US under the watchful eye of Barack Obama’s vice President Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton as secretary of state.

Washington: the scandal surrounding the US President’s son Hunter is well known and won’t be repeated here except to illustrate the level of influence [and corruption] the US administration had with the sitting government of Ukraine and its President Volodymyr Zelensky. Regarding Washington, the argument can be made that the US (Joe Biden) pushed Ukraine into this situation and is now leaving them alone to fend for themselves, hanging them out to dry.

London: Huge list of sanctions against Russia, President Putin, Foreign Secretary Lavrov and the Russian Defense ministry.

Paris: same as London, and now the seizure of a cargo vessel of Russian registry

EU: has frozen the assets of President Putin and Foreign Secretary Lavrov.

The Rise of Nazism, Radical Nationalism, Fascism 

With the successful US coup in 2014 and the installation of Volodymyr Zelensky, previously a television comedian, as president, the country saw the rapid rise of radical fascism, Nazism and nationalism with many in the regular army sporting swastikas and other Nazi insignias on their uniforms. It should be pointed out that the Ukrainian Minister of Defense is an avowed Nazi and commander of the Azov Battalion, an openly defiant Neo-Nazi regiment of the Ukrainian National Guard. One of Zelensky’s first acts as president was to sign a law similar to that enacted by Germany’s Third Reich under Hitler (the 1935 “Reich Citizen Law“), declaring that the Indigenous peoples of Ukraine, the 2nd largest population in the country, mostly Russian, are not fully human and they had to leave the country. This created an ostensible pretext for the genocide and extermination pogrom that followed from 2014, resulting in almost 15,000 dead.

The current Ukrainian government is a US puppet, installed in 2014 courtesy of the Obama Administration under the watchful eye of Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. A current map of Europe/ NATO will show multiple US/NATO military bases in just about every country surrounding Russia, some of which have ICBMs pointing at Moscow.

27 Million Russians gave their lives defeating Hitler and the Nazis during WWII. Does anyone think for one moment that Vladimir Putin would allow the growth of a de-facto Nazi state on his southern border?

This was a conflict just waiting to happen; how long does the US and the West think they can poke the bear before it pokes back.


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