Five of the over 11,000 civilians orphaned or murdered by the Israeli onslaught of Gaza. Their faces are seared in historical memory and will haunt their murderers -and an indifferent world- forever.

Montage Detail

From left to right, the face of a nameless angel, a survivor, an infant now orphaned; who’s going to care for him? Besan Helasa, a 19-year old medical student with her favorite cat, to her right is Yousef Maher Dawas, a young poet and writer, above Besan and Yousef is Al-Shaima Saidam, a brilliant high school student at the top of her class. In the upper right corner is Heba Zaqout, a 39-year-old visual artist and school teacher who was killed alongside her two small sons, Adam and Mahmoud. Their full histories and more can be found in this article by the Guardian.

An Open Letter

My heart breaks as I read stories and see the videos every day of what you’re suffering at the hands of the Zionist murderers who have stolen your homes and your land.

My heart is broken because you are the best of humanity, the kindest, the smartest, the most loving, the ones who are suffering the most; it is especially the children who are suffering. They expect protection and support from adults but receive neither, neither love nor care at the hands of murderers. Many are now orphans, left to fend for themselves in an indifferent world whose heart has turned to stone.

The whole world believes not the lies told that the regime “is fighting Hamas” and that they have the right to defend themselves. Everyone has the innate and unspoken right to defend themselves, as do you!

Please don’t change who you are because of the evil they do.

As an American, I am appalled and horrified by the actions of my government. With the exception of a few lone voices, the active support and assistance given to the fascists committing mass murder and genocide against you is almost total. They do this not in my name, nor in the name of most Americans. Many Americans are unaware of what is happing. The wanton complicity of the news media in the commission of these crimes against you is the reason, complicity in their silence, their lies and failure to report the truth.

I am equally appalled at the impotence of the world’s leaders. Yes, many are calling for a “Cease Fire” but it is falling on deaf ears.

The Israeli regime has no intention of stopping their murderous assault. Indeed, in their bloodlust, claiming they’re “targeting Hamas”, they’re openly and actively bombing hospitals and ambulances, murdering nurses, doctors, health-care professionals and journalists. They believe that by permanently silencing journalists, their crimes will remain hidden. The truth will always come out and will always triumph.

They have openly expressed their intention to continue, boasting as they do in front of the whole world. When confronted with such arrogance and with few exceptions, world leaders remain largely silent in their indifference, complicit, inept and impotent.

There have been worldwide protests staged to raise awareness to the horrors being committed against you, to give you a voice when your voice has been silenced – indeed, their minions and pliant stooges in the press and social media attempt to silence any voice raised in defense of justice. The protests have been successful in raising awareness but the regime has their minions and puppets in high places: the few thwart the intentions of the many.

Evil will not prevail.

I, for my part, will continue to work and speak up for you; in the meantime, please stay strong, as one of our greatest Civil Rights leaders, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., once said:

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

James Daly, Ph.D

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