Pope Francis with President Joe Biden, Oct. 29, 2021. Image credit: Vatican Media

In a bygone era, for a Catholic, excommunication meant something. Over the last 2 centuries, the political influence of the papacy -and the church, in general, has steadily waned to where it is today. Although the office of papacy still wields a certain political influence, the Vatican’s role in swaying public opinion and/or ability to change public policy is considered minor by many.

The sitting President of the United States, Joseph R. Biden, identifies as a self-professed Irish Catholic. In actual fact, he is half Irish (on his mother’s side – his father was English!) nor does he behave as a catholic. Although he may have been baptized a Catholic, may attend mass and celebrate the holidays, his behavior, and the policies he enforces as commander-in-chief and the administration of this country’s foreign policy, is anything but catholic. If you ask any actual Irish person, they would say Joe Biden lost his Irish heart. An actual Irish-Catholic person would behave, in every way, opposite to the sitting President of the United States. Why? Their colonial past with the Imperial Boot of the British Empire on their neck for over 800 years (and it continues to be there in the 6 counties of “Northern Ireland”). Joe Biden knows nothing of this, just like the other fake “Irish American” president, Ronald Reagan. Reagan’s CIA director William “Casey” hunted down and deported actual Irish people who fled to this country, seeking asylum from the British death squads in the north and the policies of the Iron-maiden Bitch, British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.

The Balfour Declaration

It was no an accident that the Balfour Declaration was drafted by the UK’s then (1917) Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour. It was addressed to Lord Rothschild, leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain. This document was the instrument that gave rise to today’s US/UK Colonial-Settler project in the Middle-East known as Israel. Without regard to the actual indigenous inhabitants of the Palestinian territory, the British Foreign Office arrogated this right and authority unto itself, to illegally appropriate someone else’s land and gift it to “The Wanderers”. We won’t mention “Lord Rothschild” here, as his infamy precedes him.

As they did with the 1922 Act of Partition, establishing the 26-county (out of 32) Republic of Ireland, they built-in future strife and conflict into the actual fabric of the Palestinian territory’s charter (known today as “Israel”). It is no wonder we have the intolerable situation that exists today. Today’s Israelis, some of them direct descendants of the original beneficiaries of Lord Balfour’s “gift” in 1917 of someone else’s land, claim it as theirs while the Palestinians, whose land it actually is, want it back. For many who were forcibly evicted from their land and their homes, they have no “right of return”.

Without regard to the national scandal surrounding he and his son’s ties to Burisma and Jeffrey Epstein, something that is triggering a Congressional investigation into wholesale corruption, Joe Biden’s deep ties to Zionism, Benjamin Netanyahu and the hard-line fascists who today lead Israel isn’t remotely Catholic.

In Joe Biden’s own words regarding the state of Israel:

There’s no apology to be made, none;
It is the best $3 billion investment we make;
Were there not an Israel, the United States of America would have to invent an Israel to protect her interest in the region;
the United States would have to go out and invent an Israel.

The primary goal of the Zionist Movement was to establish the basis for a Jewish homeland in Palestine. There, you have it. The stated goal is to establish a territory on someone else’s land. They (the British) have been doing this for almost 1,000 years, so this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. They did it in Ireland, and the strife and conflict continues today. It was just simmering below the surface since the 1998 “Good Friday Agreement” kept it from boiling over. The 1998 GFA was an ostensible “Power Sharing” arrangement between the Republic of Ireland and the British Crown’s Tory-led political party who rules “The Six Counties” in the north. Since the Irish who live in the six counties (Belfast City and surroundings) have the same blood and DNA as the people in the Republic of Ireland both voted “Remain” during the Brexit fiasco, the simmering pot may now boil over.

Getting back to Joe Biden, the half-Irish/half-English American President. Any single act, either aiding or abetting a foreign power in the act of lethal ethnic cleansing or genocide, or promoting or authorizing lethal aid to this foreign power in the commission of these acts, are excommunicable offenses.

In the normal course of events, the bishop of the individual’s home diocese, in this case the Diocese of Wilmington, Delaware, would be the proper church authority to declare the individual excommunicated. In the case of President Joe Biden, that would be Bishop Msgr. William Koenig. These are not normal times, and the offense is far-beyond normal in scope and gravity.

The deadly ethnic-cleansing and genocide being perpetrated by the Israeli state against the unarmed and defenseless population of Gaza and greater Palestine is supported by the United States in the person of President Joseph R. Biden as Commander-in-Chief and Chief Executive. It is epic in scope and scale and will be recorded in history as one of the most brutal massacres of all time — in full view of an impotent world seemingly powerless to stop it.

As of today, the death count exceeds 11,000 Palestinian men, women, and children with almost 5,000 of them children! As head of state of the Vatican and the Universal Church, the Pope himself must declare another head of state Anathema and Excommunicated. Were the sitting President of the United States excommunicated and declared anathema, it would send shock waves through the geopolitical landscape. Although it may not cure the excommunication, were the Israeli regime to receive a call from the White House, their murderous onslaught would end in about as much time as it took to dial the phone. That the Pope hasn’t taken any action outside of calls to stop the violence is quite telling in itself!

The same measure must be taken against any Catholic politician in the US Congress who has voted to approve lethal aid for Israel, or who has otherwise voted to support the president’s actions. The list of US Senators who profess to be Catholic is here, with the full House list here (all denominations)). Ignorance of the true situation in the region, not the lies spread by the Media Cabal (NY Times, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC, etc.), is no excuse. It is their professional responsibility to know the truth in its full scope.

This act by the Pope or the church may not stop Joe Biden or any other Catholic politician from being a party to genocide, but it will send a strong message to others regarding the gravity of their actions (if they actually believe in a Heaven or a Hell). It will remind them that there remains in this world those who are objectively good and believe in the inviolability of each individual, that each is a gift to humanity, unique and priceless. It will stand in stark contrast to those craven black souls who remain steadfast in their evil, lost in their wanton bloodlust for more money and power.

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Biden, Pope Francis discuss Israel, Gaza in rare call

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