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If you’ve been watching the fluid events surrounding US Politics over the previous 2 weeks, you would think we were on the road to victory, to reclaim our democracy from the Oligarchs and Plutocrats, to put forward Bernard Sanders as the Democratic party’s standard bearer to challenge Donald Trump for the White House.

From Bernie’s first victory in Iowa, defeating “Mayor Pete”, an unknown and unaccomplished mayor from South Bend, Indiana to his victory in Nevada, you would think the one-man freight train that is Bernie Sanders was unstoppable. If you thought that, you would be correct, that is if everyone was playing fair and by the rules.

The backroom deals, the “irregularities”, the voter suppression and the cheating started immediately in Iowa with the “app” from Shadow Inc., ostensibly to “Count The Votes”. As widely reported, this “app” has direct links back to Buttigieg with the candidate’s campaign donating $42,500 to the startup; does “Conflict of Interest” come to mind? They make movies about such things – and everyone seems to be just fine with it, just like they were just fine with Trump’s grotesque misogyny and overt racism. The only difference between all the now-dropped-out candidates and Donald Trump is their party’s name; on the inside, they’re all the same.

What beggars belief, is how the American Electorate accepts the voter suppression, the electoral fraud and corruption; you can’t blame them, really; they’ve been lied to since kindergarten, that we’re the good guys, that we play by the rules and that electoral fraud happens everywhere else, like ummm, Venezuela (where, by the way, elections are a world-standard first for integrity and accuracy – that they would have an “Illegitimate President” is laughable).

Bernard Sanders has been on message, saying the same thing for 50 years, more time than Mayor Pete has been alive. Bernie isn’t just a candidate for president, he represents a movement and, unlike the rest of the Democratic pack, he doesn’t accept corporate donations and isn’t answerable to the donor class.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, is a racist who DOES answer to the Donor Class, has been a lying political chameleon for most of his career who now has dementia!

This is who the Democrats want to put up against Donald Trump. There is only one possibility: they’re willing to commit political suicide, to hold onto their elitist, establishment credentials, to keep money in politics, to maintain the political graft and corporate corruption rather than to allow a real Democrat, someone of the caliber of JFK or FDR, to represent the will of the people, to reclaim our stolen democracy.

In short: They’re squandering a Generational Opportunity to put in place a new FDR.

This country’s demise is well on the way, our decent into decadence is already quite advanced and within the next 25 years we will have gone the way of the Roman Empire. Yes, the government structures are all still in place but are hollow and empty inside; the venerable US Constitution is still there – it’s only an idea penned on parchment, as yet, an unrealized idea as it takes selflessness and sacrifice to achieve. This US Empire will end, as all empires eventually do, but ours will have ended in less than 300 years since inception, quite short compared to the Romans and that the Democrats would have squandered the last, best hope of resuscitating our democracy for personal gain and enrichment, that they would have helped end that which they claim such fervent allegiance to will be their legacy and their epitaph!

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