In what has to be a moment in history when an actual David (ironically not a Jew) stands up to an actual Goliath, the world chooses sides – and sides with the Goliath! The “world” in this context is mostly the powerful western countries, like the United States and all of Europe. The rest of the world knows the truth.

Think of it and imagine for a moment you’re a Palestinian. How would you feel, having found the courage to organize, to plan and execute what, for some, is a suicide mission, to take on the bully of the Middle-East, the west’s last, best Colonial-settler project, the Apartheid state of Israel.

How it’s unfolding now, with what could only be described as minor victories, let’s hope this fledgling uprising prevails. Let’s hope that there is a reconning, an accounting for the countless war crimes and atrocities this scumbag regime has visited on some of the poorest and most oppressed people on the planet, the people of Gaza and greater Palestine.

With Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau walking in lockstep with them, just having apologized for hosting a Nazi in the House of Commons, the western powers bleat on, in unison, about how this “attack” was unprovoked. With their Nazi problem, and recent reporting on the brutal treatment by Canada and the Church of Native Children in that country (along with the Trucker’s Freedom Convoy), it’s no surprise Justin Trudeau stands with Israel.

Western hypocrisy and myopia know no boundaries. While supporting Ukraine and its government with untold billions from the people’s treasure, the Biden Administration and all Western governments continue to pledge support for the Nazi government of Ukraine, in defense of its sovereignty against “Unprovoked Russian Aggression”. As they do this, they conveniently overlook the David and Goliath scenario described above, bleating on about “Democracy and Liberty” for Ukraine while turning a blind-eye to the daily suffering of the Palestinians at the hands of the Israelis!

What is now happening in the “Occupied Territories of Palestine” is a decades-long buildup of war crimes, crimes against humanity, oppression, murder and disappearance of countless Palestinians. Israel had this coming, just like Ukraine had it coming since 2014 when the US installed their puppet regime in that country.

And now they’re all surprised, including the “Peace Candidate for President”, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Being Irish with a family legacy of peace and activism, he above all should understand what oppression is. Anyone who is Irish knows this, it’s in their DNA. He disgraces the memory of his father and uncle, JFK, who wept when he learned Patrice Lumumba had been assassinated with the help of the CIA. Everything his uncle and father stood for is represented now in the Palestinians and their right to exist! They’re being denied that right on a daily basis.

Apartheid and colonialism go hand-in-hand, they’re two sides of the same, rotten coin. So why does he not see the connection now with the Palestinians? This doesn’t sound like a person who’s interested in peace and justice, more like someone who has something to hide. For those who don’t know, Patrice Lumumba was the first Prime Minister of an independent Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Biden administration is just as culpable as the last administration in funding and supporting this colonial-settler regime. They’re all guilty, any president, any representative of congress, any senator who voted to send money and military aid to Israel is guilty and has the blood of the innocents on their hands. All now and in the past, in the People’s Congress, all presidents, all who supported this western colonial-settler project in the Middle East are guilty, all since this rump-state was carved out of the Negev Desert in 1948-hypocrites all! No one is free from blame!

It’s high-time we stop funding the bully in the Middle East, and that they be held accountable for their war crimes. Apartheid and colonialism are two sides of the same coin, and it’s high-time we stop funding both.

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