Volunteers helping those who lost homes in Lahaina stop to pray on a hillside. Image credit: Deanne Fitzmaurice for NPR

No rebuilding discussions can be had in Lahaina unless and until the Attorney General of the State of Hawaii, Anne E. Lopez, has completed a full criminal investigation into the “cause” of the fires. The scope of the investigation needs to include the criminal negligence and incompetence of public officials, including the governor, the mayor of Lahaina and the chief of police and his officers. It must include, above all, a full accounting of all the missing and deceased, including the missing children!

By all accounts, with all the unanswered questions, and so much more that makes no sense, what happened in Lahaina was a state crime. It appears to be a criminal conspiracy perpetrated by elected officials at the highest levels of the state and federal government. At the state level, the governor signs an executive decree only a few short weeks prior to the fires giving him sweeping authority, circumventing the duly enacted statute, written to expressly prohibit what they intend to do.

Then there was the matter of the local police, following orders given to them by the chief of police to impede (block) safe passage of residents attempting to flee the inferno. It should be pointed out, in what appears to be a glaring conflict of interest, the Chief of Police is also the coroner, the public official designated to investigate and account for the deceased. In the state of Hawaii and all other states except Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, and Ohio, the coroner is not required to be a licensed physician – surprise, surprise! According to the CDC, the Hawaii statute regarding coroners states the following:

An autopsy of a deceased person under this chapter shall be performed by an anatomic or forensic pathologist certified as such by the American Board of Pathology; any experienced or qualified government physician designated by the coroner in the counties of Hawaii, Maui, and Kauai, shall be the coroner’s physician for such county or city and county. Haw. Rev. Stat. § 841-14.5; Haw. Rev. Stat. § 841-18.

So, in the case of the Maui fires, the chief of police conveniently gets to decide what deceased person shall receive an autopsy:

What types of deaths are required to be autopsied?
If, in the opinion of the coroner, or of the coroner’s physician, or of the prosecuting attorney, or of the chief of police (in the city and county of Honolulu), an autopsy of the remains of any human body appearing to have come to death under any of the circumstances set forth in section 841-3 is necessary in the interest of the public safety or welfare, that person shall cause to have performed, such an autopsy . . . Haw. Rev. Stat. § 841-14.

Public officials and those in charge of a partially privatized water delivery system need to answer why delivering desperately-needed water to firefighters met with protracted delays. Additionally, questions as to why emergency sirens were not activated need to be answered by adults, not children masquerading as adults. The reasons provided, if true, amount to criminal negligence.

In the matter of the United States Federal Government, that the US Military, with an active base only a few kilometers distant, has not provided any material assistance to the displaced and suffering residents of Lahaina and greater Maui is appalling! That FEMA (and the American Red Cross) has blocked access to goods, food, water, fuel and necessary goods already delivered is appalling and very suspect. It almost seems as though they wanted these people to disappear -and many entire families, men, women and children, may have done just that -entirely disappeared along with their homes and property.

Then there is the President of the United States, in concert with the governor and what seems to be the entire Democratic establishment, blathering on about “Build Back Better”. This is the jingo pushed by the World Economic Forum (https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/07/to-build-back-better-we-must-reinvent-capitalism-heres-how/) and all the woke, climate-change obsessed idiots running around singing the same tune.

A full criminal investigation is warranted by any rational, thinking human being. That they’re pushing to rebuild Lahaina so quickly and with as little oversight as possible wreaks of a conspiracy and cover up at the highest levels of government.

For real-time updates and critical information, if you were affected by these fires, are missing or are risk, please visit Maui LFG

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Update: It now emerges that the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, will be launching a congressional investigation into the US Federal Government’s and the President’s response to the fires:

From the Hawaii State Department of Education: more than 2,000 children are still missing:

As part of their international media blackout that includes the prohibition of drone overflights, they’re erecting an opaque, black barrier around Lahaina’s perimeter. Additionally, a heavy presence of “Foreign Police” guards the perimeter.

Where are the Children!?

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