George Floyd Mural: I can’t breathe. Image credit: Al Jazeera

It took Derek Chauvin 9 minutes, 29 seconds to snuff out the life of a man with a great big heart!

He had 9 minutes, 29 seconds to consider his actions, to contemplate their outcome and at no time did he relent, allowing reason and mercy to govern his actions.

With craven indifference for that man’s life, he remained willful and unmoved in his intent, for 9 minutes and 29 seconds. In this case, temporal Justice has been served, but that outcome will never give us back George Floyd.

Nine minutes and twenty nine seconds is a long time and, for George Floyd, it was probably an eternity. According to the timeline, even at 8:30, Derek Chauvin could have relented and that man with a great big heart would still be with us but he didn’t. This wasn’t a momentary lapse of judgement or a snap decision made in the heat of the moment. This was a clear, calculated, deliberate act with one outcome in mind.

We are diminished as a nation and as a society without George Floyd and how his life was taken from him and from all of us.

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