In spite of their protestations to the contrary, the Israeli state assassinated Shireen Abu Aqleh, a well-known, widely admired and loved Palestinian-American journalist while doing her job, telling the truth, bringing to the rest of the world the daily oppression and genocide of the Palestinians by the Israeli state, of the apartheid conditions in Gaza and greater Palestine.

This must present itself as a big problem for the Biden State Department: the assassination of an American Citizen by the Israeli state while doing her job. What will they do, what will be their response? It will probably be similar to the US response to the assassination of another journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist, murdered and dismembered in the Saudi consulate, Istanbul, Turkey – nothing!

The US-Funded and supported Settler-Colonial Project known as Israel continues its bloody pogrom of oppression and murder, unabated and undeterred with this most recent assassination. Following her murder, the funeral procession of Shireen was interrupted and harassed by Israeli security forces as they made their way along the streets of Jenin – even the dead can’t rest in peace nor can the grieving bury their dead with dignity in Naftali Bennett’s Israel.

Through corruption, cowardice and craven indifference to the suffering of those on the receiving end of Israeli oppression, along with the heavy hand of the Israeli lobby in this country, most members of the US House of Representatives, starting with Speaker Pelosi and in the US Senate in the person of Senator Charles Schumer, citizens of the United States are unwitting accomplices to this murder and all other murders, executions, assassinations and illegal appropriation (theft) of Palestinian land and property by the Israelis.

By their continued funding and support of Israel, the US Congress continues to make the US taxpayer an unwitting party to Israel’s bloody pogrom and genocide of the Palestinian people. Every year, the US Congress appropriates at least $1 billion of US Taxpayer funds to support apartheid and oppression in that tiny rump of land in the Middle East. The most recent appropriation was in September of last year (2021) to replenish missiles used in Israel’s Iron Dome.

The state of Israel was never intended to be a safe haven for the Jews nor was the two-state solution ever going to be a reality.

Since its inception in 1948, the state of Israel was always going to be an eastern-looking, forward operating base for the Western (US and Europe) Military Industrial Complex and the Neo Conservative pirates of the Western empire. Following the Yalta Conference, western treachery and the betrayal of the Soviet Union by the West and the subsequent start of the Cold War, it was clear where power would reside in the new, emerging world. It’s no surprise that Israel was founded in 1948, only 3 years after the close of WWII.

Founded by fiat by the United Nations, Israel was to be, ostensibly, a safe-haven for the world’s Jewish population. A man on a flying horse can see the real reason for its founding. It was to keep an eye by proxy, a check, on the new super power to the north, Russia, Iran and Iraq to the North and East and the greater middle east.

Knowing what they know, where the money is going and what it’s being used for with full knowledge of this assassination of a Palestinian Journalist by the Israelis, that they continue the appropriations to Israel, the United States congress, in aggregate, are nothing more than high-paid war criminals acting with impunity under the cover of law. Shame on any so-called progressive in the congress for supporting and funding the oppression of Palestine! Regarding the most recent funding of Israel’s Iron Dome, the following is duly noted:

The bill passed by a vote of 420 to 9, with only AOC and Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) voting “present.” One Republican and six Democrats, including progressive “squad” members Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) and Cori Bush (D-Mo.), voted no. During the debate, Tlaib characterized Palestinians as living in a “violent apartheid system.” Omar explained her opposition to the funding in a tweet: “Given the human rights violations in Gaza, Sheikh Jarrah, and ever-growing settlement expansion, we should not be ramming through a last-minute $1 billion increase in military funding for Israel without any accountability.”

It now emerges that a proposal was made for the US Congress to fund an Israeli-styled Iron Dome in Ukraine, long-before the start of Russia’s Special Military Operation! Why would the intelligencia in this country, funded by their dupes and accomplices in the congress, suggest funding such a project before Russia began its intervention? What did they know? What were they up to, knowing that whatever it was would trigger a response from Russia? The answers to those questions are now being answered by the Russian military as they sift through the tranches of documents found at the US-Funded Bio Weapons labs in Ukraine.

These  BioWeapons labs stand in contravention of International Law and various treaties signed by the United States, forbidding the development and use of such Biologic and Chemical Weapons. That these facilities received continued funding and appropriations by the US Congress makes the congress and, by extension, the US Taxpayer (US citizens) a party to these illegal activities.

The US Congress, having been informed by the Pentagon and US Intelligencia, of the scope and scale of their project in Ukraine, knew long before February 24, 2022, the beginning of Russia’s Special Military Operation, of the Bio Weapons labs and thus considered funding an Israeli-style Iron Dome air defense system as a defense against an anticipated Russian response. Even though individual members of congress may or may not have been aware (either through their staff, assistants or direct reading) of the details of the Ukraine project, they are still responsible for their vote – a claim of ignorance cannot be made.

The most recent aid package to Ukraine, totaling $40 billion, received broad congressional support with only a scant few voicing any opposition. While many Americans struggle to meet even the most basic needs (rising prices, housing, food, healthcare), the congress transfers a king’s ransom from the US Treasury to Ukraine with the bulk of the aid package appropriated for weapons that will do little good as there is no Ukrainian victory on the horizon.

Every Democrat, including every member of “The Squad”, voted for the aid package with the only voices of reason those that many love to hate, people such as US Representative Marjorie Taylor Green, a handful of Representatives from Texas and US Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky.

The craven duplicity, hypocrisy and decadence of these democrats, people who ran and were elected on a Green, ProPeace platform, is especially galling. They are now revealed for who they really are: shills for the Establishment and the Military-Industrial Complex. They all have blood on their hands; they don’t represent the people or their interests, they don’t represent the poor but the elites, the establishment and the very interests they were elected to hold in check.

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