In their pathetic attempts to save face and conceal the weakness of their puppet regime in Ukraine and its military, NATO, the US and the collective west are prolonging what will be an extended and agonizing defeat by the Russians.

Since 2014, Ukrainian armed forces have received direct NATO training by the US and UK military. Since Ukraine is considered a high-value asset by the collective west (US, NATO), this training was top tier – it was the best, the same training all NATO (US, UK and EU) active military service members would receive. This training has been almost completely ineffective against the Russians, a nuclear-armed superpower. As it would be now or later, the outcome will be the same, an agonizing and humiliating defeat for Ukraine as NATO’s proxy. The Russian President has warned NATO that they will all be annihilated if they directly attack Russia in a last-ditch effort to save their puppet regime in Kiev.

Russia has almost complete control of the Donbass and is about to completely take the city of Lisichansk, also in the Donbass. Victory in Lisichansk will be one more step completed in what is a very specific Russian strategy. The principal objective, announced by Russian president Vladimir Putin on February 24 of this year, was the “DeNazification and DeMilitarization” of the country.

The Russian president was very clear in his message, to route the Nazi scourge, protect the Russian-Ukrainian population in the Donbass and to degrade the Ukrainian military to the point where they would be unable to carry on their brutal pogrom against the people of the Donbass. Lastly, and the singular reason he acted when he did, was to stop them from reconstituting their moribund nuclear weapons program. This last objective was an emergency for the Russian president; it was (and may still remain) a clear objective for the criminal governments of the west (US and NATO) – to put a hostile, nuclear-armed power directly on the Russian border.  When they began the Special Military Operation, the Russians discovered the 29 BioLabs that have been actively operated and funded by the Pentagon since 2014. Since their discovery in March, 16 more of these labs have been found in the east of the country, bringing the total to 44.


Cynics and Liars in High Places

Ukrainian POW receiving medical treatment by Russian military personnel. This poor soul is the rule, not the exception. Often abandoned by their commanders and left on their own to make a Faustian choice, these young men are left to decide either to never return home or face a firing squad for making the right choice and surrendering to an invincible adversary. Click the image for full video.

I’ve already discussed much of this in previous articles (see below) and to restate all this here isn’t the point of this article. I wish to simply point out the grotesque cynicism of the west as they lie to the world, their respective constituents and, most importantly, to the Ukrainian people, perpetuating the myth of a positive outcome for the Ukrainian military. It is impossible, even with the ongoing proliferation of ammunition and weapons systems by the collective west, for Ukraine to emerge victorious against Russia; it is impossible and won’t happen. Unlike the Ukrainian army, the Russians are pacing themselves, expending just enough manpower and resources to achieve a specific objective. The Ukrainians, on the other hand, are running at full throttle and are losing badly, every day.

Listening to the criminal onslaught of propaganda, regular Ukrainian civilians with no military training (young men just starting out in the prime of their lives) continue to be drafted and conscripted, some coerced and lied to by the criminal, TV-comedian clown of a president, Vladimir Zelensky and his western handlers, lying to them that they are “fighting for the Glory of Ukraine” and that “they will emerge victorious agains the Russian invaders.” Hundreds of these men, young and old, some believing the lies of their president and the liars in the collective western press, some coerced at the point of gun to enlist, die a brutal death every day. The regular Ukrainian army is being decimated with 100s of casualties every day.

The Ukrainian army has been degraded to the point where they now have to rely on these civilian conscripts with many who enlist remaining as civilians in the country’s registry – meaning that in the event of their death or injury, they or their families will receive no benefits. The desperation has risen to a fevered pitch and the country’s criminal administration and their western handlers are becoming more frenzied with each passing day and now rely on these civilian conscripts with no military training to carry on a war with the professional army of a nuclear-armed superpower.

The western cynics, liars all, pretending to care about Human Rights are doing a grotesque disservice to Ukraine. They couldn’t care less about democracy, Ukraine or human rights and if history has taught us anything, in the words of many in the global south: “Don’t trust the Gringos“. They aren’t to be trusted, they don’t have your back and they will walk away in a moments notice if it suits them.

The reason Russia launched the Special Military Operation and why Ukraine is embroiled in this war, is because the collective west hasn’t heard or listened to the very clear message from Russia: Ukraine is a bright red line, it goes back to a lie told in 1990 to then Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev by then Secretary of State James Baker III: “We won’t expand one inch to the east“. They don’t care about Ukraine or the lovely people of that country. To them Ukraine is a battering ram to be used against Russia, an unwitting dupe, a proxy in a war they don’t have the spine to fight directly.

Crooks and Liars as Arms Dealers

What is equally appalling, the criminal governments of the collective west are literally acting as arms dealers, using public funds to (re)-supply the Ukrainian military (to date, the Biden administration has spent $54 Billion in US Taxpayer funds when the number of homeless encampments in the country continues to grow in size and number) making their constituents and taxpayers unwitting participants in this criminal enterprise: perpetuating an un-winnable war against Russia. When was the public referendum, a referendum based on the truth of what is happening on the ground every day? Do the American people know they have been funding a genocide in the Donbass since 2014, that the weapons they paid for are being used to directly attack and kill civilians in the Donbass? And the US Congress is a disgrace, recently giving Joe Biden a blank check to send arms and weapons to a corrupt, criminal government, a government characterized by many as the most corrupt in Europe.

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In an upcoming article, I’ll analyze the Nazi roots of NATO.

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