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In this podcast, Independent Journalist Alan MacLeod explains how the Billionaire class has hijacked COVID-19 as a means to expand their already obscene wealth. He describes the current state of the world, specifically the situation in the US and how the “Shock Doctrine“, discussed by Naomi Klein in her widely popular Best Seller “Shock Doctrine“, is used to impose new restrictions and eliminate hard-fought-for rights that they would not have been otherwise possible. Obscure, widely unknown and frightening details related to the “philanthropic” activities of Bill Gates are discussed, the draconian business practices of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and others are exposed.

Alan describes how US billionaires have accrued more than $484 Billion since the onset of COVID-19, how elected representatives in the Congress helped transfer trillions of dollars from the public treasury into the pockets of these billionaires- … how that transfer of wealth and the activities of the billionaires themselves have broadened and deepened the misery of most citizens already poor and starving, many of them homeless.

Alan discusses the need for authentically independent news outlets and journalism, devoid of and completely free from corrosive corporate influence with the obvious and associated myriad conflicts of interest.

Alan brilliantly discusses the glaring double standard and hypocrisy of the billionaire-owned Mainstream Media who farcically condemn the looting by the oppressed of large, multinational corporate retail outlets while ignoring the real theft, the criminal, complicit transfer of the public treasury into the pockets of wealthy multi-national corporations and billionaires by criminals elected to congress, ostensibly to represent the interests of their constituents.

In this segment of Mintcast, journalist and author Alan MacLeod discusses how COVID-19 became a boon for the ultra-wealthy and allowed America’s billionaires to accrue more wealth in just three weeks of lockdown than they made in total prior to 1980.

Continue reading and to listen to the podcast: Podcast: Pandemic Profiteering – How Billionaires Are Looting American Taxpayers

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