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I’m a scientist and an astrophysicist by training and find this attempt to use science as a means to further oppress already suffering communities appalling and odious on its face! Anyone or any institution who vilifies or otherwise isolates a segment of the population as being more susceptible to this virus or any other plague or cause of suffering as a genetic predisposition towards or otherwise related to their race or skin color, should be called out as racist, be publicly censored and unworthy of further attention.

Excerpts from the article

COVID-19 has disproportionately affected communities of color in the United States, with some estimates calculating infections among African Americans to be 2.4 times higher than White Americans. The explanations put forward by such renowned institutions as the Lancet for this disparity follows the same pseudo-scientific designs prevalent in the waning days of the British Empire and exported to the thirteen colonies of the burgeoning American state.


Despite admitting outright that there is “little to no data to support or refute” the idea that ethnicity plays any part in the lopsided rate of infections, the prestigious British institution nevertheless calls for policy-makers to “ensure” that ethnicity forms a part of minimum datasets to “permit identification of potential outcome risk factors,” and urges that these unproven hypotheses “directly […] inform public health interventions globally.”

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has even a first-grade education in history. No one should be surprised at such blatant hypocrisy coming from the British who spent nearly the last 1,000 years attempting to colonize the surface of the planet and, as such, are the most racially diverse population on the planet.

The British Empire produced the genocidal monster, Margaret Thatcher, now extolled as a national icon; they produced Winston Churchill, often regarded as a key mastermind who played a major role in defeating Hitler and the Nazis while ignoring the enormous contribution of Stalin’s USSR and the loss of 27 Million Russian and Soviet soldiers (the US lost 500,000 and the remaining Allied powers lost nothing when compared to the sacrifice of the Russians) – this is another case of How Lies Become Truth and History is Denied. Churchill was a racist who oversaw the starvation death of over 3,000,000 Indians during WWII. It is in no way surprising that the British publication “The Lancet” would push such a racist narrative and advocate for it to be codified into law.

As an aside, there has been a systematic campaign by the US empire and its loyal stenographers in the corporate media to rewrite the history of World War II, erasing the leading role of the USSR in defeating Nazism and fascism, and turning the USA, which played a relatively minor role, into the hero.

Racism has spread under the guise of science for centuries and continues today with claims that African American and other minority communities have a genetic predisposition to COVID-19.

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