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This situation is in flux and, since the story’s publication in MintPressNews, there have been additional arrests by the Venezuelan authorities. It’s going to be quite difficult for Trump, the “We Lied, We Cheated, We Stole in CIA” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, or the Trump Administration’s own in-house, convicted war criminal and ‘go to‘ (read regime change) guy for all things Venezuela, Elliot Abrams to squirm their way out this. Just watch how they and their faithful parrots in the mainstream media twist themselves into pretzels trying to deflect, lie and otherwise avoid any responsibility or accountability for this latest fiasco.

This international embarrassment, failed government coup and overthrow of a peaceful, democratic nation in Latin America (one of the few remaining in the region that the US hasn’t destroyed) is against a country that just wants to be left alone and who has harmed or attacked no one.

To provide additional context and material for many more threads in this evolving story, we provide (below) both copies of the “Contract” or “General Services Agreement” entered into by SilverCorp, USA, the ejected and rejected (by his own opposition party in Venezuela!) Juan Guaido (recognized as Venezuela’s president by no one – except Mike Pence, Trump, the NeoCon morons they surround themselves with and, shamefully, many in congress – witness Trump’s latest “State of the Union” address where they give a standing ovation to Guaido, a person who was elected as president by no one), and the other idiots hired by SilverCorp.

These individuals have either watched the Amazon-produced Fanciful account of Jack Ryan in Venezuela too many times or fancied themselves as real-life Rambos who thought they, a rag-tag group of losers without real jobs, could occupy a major airport, arrest and apprehend a sitting president and spirit him off, back to the US or Guantanamo Bay (yes, the actually discussed that) and murder all remaining government officials without any opposition from the country’s military or National Guard! Either they suffered delusions of grandeur or were completely lied to (most probably this last choice as the mainstream media has consistently lied about Venezuela for years).

The 2 losers who are now incarcerated in Venezuela should call Jack Ryan to rescue them!  Really, I have no sympathy for them, even though they were lied to and the contract (entered into with Guaido and SilverCorp CEO, Jordan Goudreau) never paid, they made a conscious decision to become part of this international sideshow. A lot of credit should be given to the legitimate government of Venezuela and the country’s real president, Nicolas Maduro for their patience and endurance, as the fate of these 2 morons would be much different if the roles were reversed and they tried the same stunt here. Ironically, they will be treated much better in a Venezuelan jail than this country has treated all of Venezuela since George Bush attempted a coup against the country’s president Hugo Chavez in 2002!

The price?
A whopping $212M, negotiated down from $500M, much higher than the $15M bounty put on the head of a sitting president and legitimate head of state by what amounts to a highly-weaponized transnational criminal drug gang, the largest band of narco-traffickers worldwide, the DEA! Really, they did and here’s the “Reward” poster!

Full “General Services Agreement”                                      |          Abridged (7 page) “General Services Agreement”

The Trump administration immediately denied all involvement, “it has nothing to do with our government,” the president said yesterday. But as the dust settled, the mercenaries immediately began implicating each other – and the U.S.

Source: Trump-Linked Mercenaries Implicate Themselves in Failed Venezuela Coup

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