While everyone is fixated on the election and the failings of the Trump Administration and there are many, believing Joe Biden and Barack Obama to be blameless and Trump as the villain, the Obama/ Biden ticket was arguably worse than Trump.

In 2011, the Obama Administration, with Hillary Clinton as the Secretary of State, turned Libya into a failed state with open slave markets; they backed the 2009 coup in Honduras that deposed Manual Zelaya, the popular, democratically elected president of that country, replacing him with the current dictator whose brother was arrested in Miami by the DEA on drug-trafficking charges.

Donald Trump is using the cages at the southern-border detention centers built by Barack Obama & Joe Biden. Joe Biden wrote the disastrous 1994 Crime Bill that exploded the prison population thus creating the Prison-Industrial Complex. If elected, he’s promised to veto Medicare For All and, in his own words, won’t ban fracking, a disastrous and invasive procedure that’s inefficient and wreaks havoc on the local environment, devouring and polluting untold volumes of ground water.

Joe Biden and Barack Obama took the country from 2 interventionist wars to 7; GW Bush continued and expanded the wars started by his father, (Afghanistan and Iraq) with Barack Obama & Joe Biden escalating that to 7, with the result that the Air Force temporarily RAN OUT OF BOMBS! Barack Obama and Joe Biden expanded Arctic Drilling and in 2015, imposed the first of the current draconian and illegal sanctions on Venezuela, NOT Donald Trump!

A Joe Biden presidency would be an unmitigated disaster and, in many respects, worse than four more years of Donald Trump.

This author supports neither candidate as they’re both war criminals who represent the very worst this country has to offer, products of a government that has hidden behind the facade of “democracy” for decades, a rouge-state, criminal mafia masquerading as a democratic government.

The United States is now a failed state, consisting of a governing regime unwilling or unable to provide basic services to the population during a crisis of their own making. The economy is in free-fall, evictions and foreclosures will explode at the end of the year, unemployment claims continue to climb with current estimates approaching 100 million, a number close to 1/3 of the US Population! This, along with reported cases of COVID continuing to climb and what does the US Senate do? They rush to confirm an amateur jurist to the highest court in the land, an academic lightweight who has the vocabulary of a high school freshman and then, to add insult to injury, they go on vacation, ignoring the suffering of tens of millions of their fellow countrymen and countrywomen!

The current dysfunction and inability of this government to come to an agreement on stimulus relief along with their disconnect from the lives of ordinary people, I suggest, is the same as it was in 18th century France just prior to the French Revolution.

It is our belief that a massive turnout for a 3rd party is the only viable alternative to what could only be the very worst of a Faustian choice: Joe Biden or Donald Trump.

James Daly, Ph.D

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