Joe Biden with president Barack Obama

Joe Biden’s lack of fitness for office isn’t lost on the establishment elites and Neoliberals controlling the DNC and the larger Democratic party.

From the tall tales he spins on the fly, the rampant lying, second only to Donald Trump, his public missteps, the clear signs of early dimentia and failing memory, his short temper and inappropriate outbursts, Joe Biden’s mental decline is obvious even to a casual observer; his lack of fitness for office is breathtaking and stands in stark contrast to that of Bernie Sanders or even any of the other candidates.

So why, you may ask, is the Democratic Party Establishment pushing Joe when he is so obviously unfit for office? Simply put, putting Joe Biden in the White House was never their plan; it’s always been ‘Madam President‘ since 2016.

A probable scenario could play out where, the American Electorate, having reached the end of their rope with Donald Trump, votes for “Anyone But Trump” and votes for the Democrat. The DNC foreseeing this, puts forth HRC as Joe’s VP as well as handpicking his cabinet, each one on board with the plan.

Once elected and following the inauguration and honeymoon, his cabinet, poised to remove him as the sitting president, invokes the 25th Amendment on the grounds that he is mentally unfit for office and installs HRC as the POTUS.

Among Hillary’s accomplishments was the destruction of Libya, turning that modern African nation into a failed state and the brutal assassination of its president Muammar Gaddafi, the state coup in Honduras, ousting the popular Progressive president Manuel Zelaya in 2009 and subsequently installing a US puppet regime in that country. As Secretary of State, Hillary supported the Obama Administration’s imposition of coercive sanctions on Venezuela, sanctions that have been continued and expanded under Trump.

Vote for Joe and you’ll get Hillary.

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