A fire rages at sunrise in Khan Yunish following an Israeli airstrike on targets in the southern Gaza strip Credit: AFP

As the daily atrocities committed against unarmed civilians in Gaza and greater Palestine continue, the world’s population, with the exception of a few, courageous national leaders, remains indifferent to the collective murder of unarmed civilians by the Israeli regime. To repeat the title, “The World has the blood of these innocents on its hands”.

The governments and the “Never Again” people who say nothing in the face of mass murder committed on a daily basis have the collective blood of all the murdered innocents of Palestine on their hands.

The mantra touted by any government and their stenographers and parrots in the mainstream media, that “Israel has a right to defend itself” continues like a bad record, stuck in the same spot, repeating itself over and over again.

No, in fact, the failed western settler-colonial project known as Israel has no legitimate claim to anything, let alone “self defense”! Why? Their founding was illegitimate. The land ostensibly designated for “the Jewish People” by the British Crown in 1917, in the person of the British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour and colloquially known as “The Balfour Declaration”, designated illegal title to someone else’s land, to settlers from far and wide! It wasn’t theirs to grant title to!

That land was never theirs to give – to anyone. The rightful owners are the Palestinian people, the people who had built a thriving society, cities with public services and infrastructure, who had lived there for generations. This failed model, exemplified by the 1922 Act of Partition, separating the 6 counties in the north of Ireland with what is today, the “Republic of Ireland”, is still causing strife on the island of Ireland. This is what they do, the British – they can’t help themselves – and the “State of Israel” is their latest failed colonial-settler project, now adopted by their younger offspring, the USA. Make no mistake, without the active support and aid given to Israel by the US and its criminal partners, the UK and most of the collective west, Israel would quickly cease to exist. Israel is a US/UK neo-colonial settler project, nothing more, nothing less.

Perhaps this proclivity to steal land and resources from others is so deep, it is now codified in their DNA as a genetic defect? Who knows, but this is what they do.

The 1948 ratification of this colonial-settler project by the United Nations, followed by President Harry F. Truman’s formal recognition of it, has led to the genocide, mass murder and untold suffering of a whole nation and class of people that persists since that time until today.

The platitudes of “Never Again”, uttered today by western leaders, hypocrites all, referencing Hitler’s atrocities committed during WW-II, are projected today in the form of “Israel has the right to defend itself”. To mask the shame and guilt any rational, sentient being has to feel, lest they forsake their humanity, they cover it up with this. The state of Israel was founded on a lie, on stolen land and given to people scattered from around the globe based on their religion! Why? It says so in the bible!

The “State of Israel” is a contradiction in terms and has a rightful claim to nothing, the least of which is a right to defend itself against those whose land they’re squatting on!

All the fake progressives and shit libs in media or in government, who bleat on about nonsense, who say noting and ignore the daily atrocities and mass murder of the Innocents, ¾ of them children, are the worst. The 9th level of hell – if such a thing exists, is reserved especially for these people – the hottest part of hell! Why? Because they have the power to shine a light on it and they do nothing! All those who have the power to stop mass murder and either do nothing or actively enable it (most members of the US congress, House and Senate) have a particularly hot spot in hell reserved just for them.

Evil will triumph if good men do nothing“! (Edmund Burke, 1729 – 1797).

The United States Government, represented in the person of Joseph R. Biden as president, is the worst and without whom the ongoing genocide would quickly end, has enabled the mass murder with billions of dollars in lethal aid and weapons. He and those in the government who support and enable the US policy towards Israel have the most blood on their hands. And, by extension, have made the US taxpayer unwitting collaborators in the mass murder. Why aren’t the shit libs and pundits on both ends of the political spectrum talking about this? Because they’ve been bought and paid for with AIPAC money!

Biden has openly said that “if Israel didn’t exist, we would have to create it”. The stenographers and parrots in his government give legitimacy to mass murder, attempting to cover it up during daily press briefings, lying to the press and the public, falsely claiming that “Israel has the right to defend itself”, repeating debunked horror stories and perpetuating the idea that somehow, Israel has the right to kill unarmed babies and children, mothers, fathers, whole families, to bomb hospitals, schools, places of worship and refugee camps.

Even he (President Biden) has said to the son of Satan, Benjamin Netanyahu, “try to use smaller bombs”. His black heart was somehow touched by the horror. They attempt to distance themselves from the horrific reality on the ground by saying “We don’t tell Israel how to defend itself or how to conduct their military operations” – no, they only provide the weapons, enabling mass murder!

Most of the world, those people living their lives, indifferent to the slaughter of the innocents in Gaza and greater Palestine, those who know and do nothing, who lie when they know the truth, are complicit and have the blood of the innocents on their hands.


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Searching this website and using the tags “Israel, Palestine, Gaza, Genocide” or a combination of them. We’ve published numerous stories over the previous 3 years chronicling the atrocities committed by the murderous Zionist regime and the corrupt western governments and leaders who support it.

The mainstream news such as CNN, the New York Times, MSNBC and most others (foreign and domestic) parrot the establishment’s lies and unequivocal support of the terrorist state of Israel. It’s a good chance that if you find a story NOT from these (and others too numerous to list), you’re probably getting the truth.

Featured image (source The Irish Sun): a young Palestinian boy grieves for his murdered brother, Hussien Hamad. Hussien was murdered by Israel during a recent bombing spree over Southern Gaza.

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